Competitive local pricing

Lifetime of independent living

Shower seated or standing

Multiple grab bar options

Superior style and comfort

Shower Remodeling & Tub-To-Shower Conversion

You will be surprised how affordable it can be:

Warm & Comfortable

Walk-in showers help keep you warm since water flows only when you turn on the shower. No need to sit and wait in the tub for it to fill or drain.

Long-Term Durability

Walk-in showers use fewer parts than a regular bathtub or shower, which means there aren't as many parts that can break.

More Safety

Walk-in showers are easy to get in and out of if you have mobility challenges, use a walker or are in a wheelchair. It is perfect for small children, elderly and the disabled alike.

Use Less Water

A shower uses 10 to 25 gallons of water, while taking a bath can use up to 70 gallons. You could save a lot on water bills![1]

Better Hygiene

It’s easy to clean yourself while sitting comfortably on your shower bench. Quickly rinse off the soap film and reduce mold and mildew.


Dementia may make people with the condition more resistant to bathing, a walk-in shower is easy to use and allows for temperature-control and comfort.

Slip-resistant technology

Wheelchair accessible low entry

Multifunction shower

Easy-to-grip handrails

Built-in or moveable seating options

Minimum water usage

Various styles to choose from

Modern and durable shower solution

"Walk-In" To Your New Shower

A walk-in shower removes barriers from your bathroom and brings back your independence!

A Safe Solution For The Whole Family

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Tile, cement and other floors can be incredibly slippery. A slip-resistant floor provides grip for your feet and helps prevent falls.

Multiple Grab Bars

Designed to provide support, grab bars can be installed virtually anywhere within the shower space.

Built-In Or Moveable Seating Options

Different seating options let you relax and are perfect for those who are aging or have a disability.
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